Welcome to the story of ExodusFX, a journey that originally began in 2010 with our partner Leslie Chung and her company SplineVFX in New York. Pioneers in the industry, we were the first to embrace the concept of artists working remotely from the comfort of their homes. From 2010 to 2017, ExodusFX, in collaboration with SplineVFX, provided a spectrum of services, including Compositing, Matte Paintings, Roto, Paint, and VFX Supervision to over 300 productions and commercials.

As our companies expanded and evolved, we received an invitation to join forces with a larger VFX company, offering us the opportunity to explore new horizons and create larger opportunities. In the natural course of these developments, we find ourselves embarking on a new chapter, eager to extend our services once again to the film industry, catering to projects of all budgets and sizes.

Our sister company, SplineVFX NY, and ExodusFX have re-open their doors to welcome your productions. With over a combined 27 years of experience, we don't just sit behind the box as artists; we've also been on set, providing in-house supervision and consultation. Our journey is adorned with awards and nominations, including prestigious accolades like BAFTA, VES, and EMMYs, underscoring the depth of our experience and the credibility that precedes us.

Join us in this new chapter, where ExodusFX and SplineVFX is ready to bring its wealth of experience, artistic prowess, and industry knowledge to elevate your projects to new heights.